Ring Core Transformer

Max (RenderStuff), 7 days ago in premium 3d models
premium 3d models Ring Core Transformer renderstuff

Realistic 3d model of power electricity transformer with toroid core. It resembles the static electromagnetic device with ring magnetic circuit that has copper winding on it. The winding’s coils are opened and not protected by varnish fabric; this gives the specific copper shine and instant recognition and identification to this transformer among other distinct radio components. Certainly, there are only the windings 3d models. As the core is not visible, it isn’t present in 3d model. There are two windings, done in different methods. The first one is the main torus shape, made using the normal mapping technology, when the normals are projected on a mid-poly object from its super-high-polygonal version. The material, mapping, and pre-rendered normal map are already set up and there is no need to adjust any setting to get it working. To have more realistic look, the model has the second layer of windings, which gives more volume to the transformer thanks to freely sitting copper wire.

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The best PC for computer graphics and 3d rendering: October 2013

Max (RenderStuff), 172 days ago in Translated Discussions
Translated Discussions The best PC for computer graphics and 3d rendering: October 2013 renderstuff

Oftenly, computer graphics specialists are faced with the problem of choosing the optimal configuration of the computer for their needs. We regularly asked the question: which computer to buy for 3ds Max? That is why in this publication, we decided to analyze the most successful PC assemblies, which are the best choice for the CG professional. In particular, we focus just on the description of the computer for CPU-rendering, as the workstation differs from it only by inserted graphics card. As practice shows, the new viewport engine of 3ds Max called Nitrous works perfectly on any modern graphics card priced from 80 to 120 USD. Therefore, you can select it on your own preference. As for the CPU vs. GPU rendering , the RenderStuff specializes in the CPU-rendering in V-Ray and the emphasis placed on the overall system performance to build the so-called render node .

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Film Clapperboard

Anton (RenderStuff), 282 days ago in premium 3d models
premium 3d models Film Clapperboard renderstuff

Realistic 3d model of the modern wooden non-digital film clapperboard with the translucent acrylic plate. This is a very typical tool of both the classic and modern film-making, needed for marking the filmed material. The Clapper-Loader writes different information about currently filming scene, such as director’s name, current date, takes count, scene number, lighting type and so on. After having all those data on the board, slate is showed on camera and the clapper at the top of the clapper-board being hit down. Such marking helps the production engineers to synchronize the filmed video-materials with the sound. This 3d model fully resembles a real clapperboard and can be used in animation without any corrections. The board has the layout needed for markings, the clappers are painted black and white; the upper clapper has the correct rotation center and made as a separate object, so the clapping movement is very easy to perform in your 3d scene. The film slate 3d model is thoroughly modeled and textured.

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Police Chain-Linked Handcuffs

Max (RenderStuff), 391 days ago in premium 3d models
premium 3d models Police Chain-Linked Handcuffs renderstuff

Realistic 3d model of universal police handcuffs linked by steel chain. The handcuffs has a double lock mechanism and consist of three main parts. They are the two actual handcuffs for both hands and the chain of three twisted links. All separate parts of 3d model has own helper with a correct pivot points. Such feature of a model allows of handling the handcuffs in any form, including locking and twisting thus giving them a realism. Also there are two matching keys on a typical ring. Current handcuffs 3d model is very detailed and is intended for use in the close-up renderings. The entire model has a single well set photorealistic material that imitates the worn nickel steel. These handcuffs would not look flat or artificial, there is no unrealistic chrome glossiness. In a well-set scene they look like real cop handcuffs without a need to tune the material.

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Red Movie Theatre Chair

Anton (RenderStuff), 588 days ago in premium 3d models
premium 3d models Red Movie Theatre Chair renderstuff

The photo-realistic 3d model of modern folding seat for cinema, made in typical red plush. It has special round caps in handles to rest the soda there. The seat is made as a comfortable armchair with big back and headrest. The headrest holds the 3d model of light-blue Reserved Companion sign. This sign means that this seat is reserved for the person companioning the viewer who is using wheelchair. Usually, such seat stands near the empty place for wheelchair user. These like places are always situated at the front row in the showing room, in the lowest part of the theater. As for all other seat rows, as well as for internal seats, this sign is useless and it must be removed. This is done very easily as the 3d model of cinema chair is made in a form of construction set, where all key details are separated. This fact allows getting the entire rows of seats in a needed configuration. The construction set also contains the additional detail, the side panel. The aisle seats must be decorated with this panel.

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HDR Rendering for Photorealistic Imaging

Anton (RenderStuff) & Max (RenderStuff), 593 days ago in 3ds Max tutorials
3ds Max tutorials HDR Rendering for Photorealistic Imaging renderstuff

In this tutorial we explain what is the HDR rendering and how you can control the brightness of the final render using it, easily getting rich and outstanding pictures. It answers the following questions. What is HDR? What does LDRI mean? How to post-process HDRIs using Photoshop? How to render HDRIs from V-Ray? Which image format is the best to save HDR renders? How to deal with ovebrights in the window and near it? How to lighten the dark rendering?

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Electric Cooktop with Sensor Control

Anton (RenderStuff), 667 days ago in premium 3d models
premium 3d models Electric Cooktop with Sensor Control renderstuff

The realistic 3d model of ceramic glass cooktop with four electric heating elements. The surface of this hob 3d model is completely flat, without any advancing parts. All controls are sensor. It has high-tech design, slightly reminiscent of DJ’s mixer desk. The surface of this heating panel 3d model is made of ceramic glass, decorated like a dark marble. It ideally fits into the artificial stone worktop. In this stovetop 3d model there is a cell structured glass above heating elements, which refracts their light and heat radiation. The refraction glass and the heating elements are made with geometry. This makes current 3d model very high detailed on the rendering, allows ultra-closeups and any unusual shooting angles. Such feature marks this 3d model out from the usual ones, where all the heating system simply faked by texture map. This 3d model due to its design in off state can be also presented as induction range. To make any of heating elements turned off, simply adjust its material.

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